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Rider Training ADVANCED

The next step after rider training BASIC. This training is held during two days, and suitabel for those who uses the motorcycle as a tool for adventure and wants to travel safe and relaxed on bad roads. More advanced exercises are mixed with scenarios that you may face during your adventure trips. We will also show you some exciting techniques like the basics for brake- and power slides.

We adapt the exercises individually, so that you can grow at your own pace and feel properly challenged. We stay mainly at our training area, but a few short trips to apply what we have learned, are also included.

Please note – this training is aimed for those who have already completed our BASIC training or been to Portugal or Iceland with Touratech Adventure Travel.


Incluced in ADVANCED training:

  • Warm-up on the motorcycle and advanced riding positions
  • Emergency braking. How to use front and rear brakes effectively
  • Function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when?
  • Cornering and counter balancing at speed
  • Stopping and turning around on a slope
  • Braking and stopping downhill
  • Ruts
  • Brake slides
  • Elephant turns
  • Off-camber riding
  • Sand riding
  • Water passages (provided that the water level is not too low)
  • Towing a bike
  • Gravel tour with feedback from instructor
  • Possibility to test ride different GS models


Note that the exersises above are to be seen as examples. The training will be adapted individually depending on participants.