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Rider training BASIC

This is our two day basic training. We start from scratch with throttle/clutch control, balance exercises, lifting techniques, braking exercises, cornering and riding up- and down-hills. After that we continue to more advanced exercises, but always at a comfortable level for you.

We adapt the exercises individually, so that you can grow at your own pace and still feel challenged. We stay mainly in our training area, but a few short trips to apply what we have learned, are also included.


Included in BASIC training:

  • Set-up of the motorcycle and riding position
  • Balancing the motorcycle
  • Lifting techniques
  • Active riding position and balance while riding
  • Throttle and clutch control, slow riding
  • Emergancy braking. How to use front and rear brakes effectively
  • Function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when?
  • Momentum to create stability by using the throttle on loose gravel
  • Off-road steering, how to make the bike go in the desired direction in the terrain
  • Cornering & counter balancing
  • Stopping on a slope. What to do, if you have to stop on a slope or if the motorcycle stalls
  • Up- and down-hills
  • Starting on a slope
  • Gravel tour with feedback from instructor
  • Possibility to test ride different GS models


Note that the excersises above are to be seen as examples. The training will be adapted individually depending on participants.